Reasons I can't even
  1. I know what's going to happen
    I'm going to feel like I'm being rolled over. I'm going to want to scream.
  2. I don't want to hear bullshit
    You accusing other people isn't going to change your crimes. Idiot.
  3. I can't deal with people talking over each other
    Especially when I would rather hear the person NOT being a dick
  4. Reeling at/over the idea of this person even being in this position
    Like why, wtf happened guys?
  5. Positive note: my dude guy boyfriend (we really need to get another name for a guy we love but marriage is wack, right? I'm not 15 he is my manfriend) is listening.
    And he cleared/closed our French doors so I wouldn't have to hear. Because he understands how it makes me feel. He will be my ears on this subject, and my anxiety filter, and probably my shoulder to cry on. I'm happy that we will be spending the apparently impending apocalypse together.
  6. Ps yes I said French doors and I didn't know either until I moved in this house
    Which is so old a lot of the glass is warped. Also yes that is a frames Larry Wilmore next to a panther next to two Jackie Chan video-disks (it's like a laser disk). Under a Trump regime I somehow feel none of this would be allowed.