Mookie; top 5 for 1st half of 2016

Mookie and I met in Houston, Texas in 2012. I have pictures from that day, but I will start with these.
  1. Angry Spooky
    I always have to take a series but inevitably we make the same expression.
  2. Toe Beans
    Just look at those weedo toe beeeans 😸❤️
  3. 😸
    Mookie likes to talk. A lot.
  4. Mookie and Oni
    My current roomies each have a dog, and this baby #pitpuppy has a crush on Mookie. She plays with him but I can't tell if she's #catchingfeelings
  5. Smiles
    I make her happy and she makes me happy and if you don't get it then that just sucks for you.