Tell me what you think about my...

All honest opinions welcome unless you are a jerk
  1. Piercings? I am often asked "did that hurt" or "how does that work (dermal)?"
    None of them hurt, if you have had your ear done they are all about the same (nipples are a bitch in my expience, only exception).
  2. Tattoos? Do they mean something to you?
    To me, yes. To some people, they are wearable art. Don't insult people or ask stupid obvious questions. I also hate this new fad of making fun of people who get tattoos outside of their own culture. I'm sorry I forgot, I'm only allowed to get white people tattoos and haircuts...
  3. My cat?
    She's pretty much the best.
  4. My views?
    Sometimes I don't even know, myself. I try to stay positive about the world and the way it is moving. Please send help.
  5. Me?
    I do what I can, kind of...