Inspired by @Branypoo
    Shit sorry not a K
  2. A, then I
    Yep sorry not a Y
  3. T, L, then another I
    Yep sorry no Y's here
  4. Just one fucking No
    Who needs more than one N? Are you making a statement with your name?
  5. My parents didn't know
    If I was going to be a boy or a girl until later in the pregnancy. Apparently in the late 80's the "heartbeat" test was the way to go and mine was a little in the middle ground of the sexes. Go figure (if you know me).
  6. My mom wanted to name me Rose, my dad's mom hated it.
    She apparently said it was an "old lady" name. Wtf?
  7. Honestly I hate my first name and choose to go by "Causey" or "Cozzy" with my friends.
    This honestly is a weird thing for me and why...
  8. I get confused introducing myself to people...
    Do I know them from work or a friend? If I'm meeting them the first time, I get to choose but if I say Causey I have to explain myself. Life is totally hard, guys.
  9. Causey means "at the causeway" of a river
    Which is pretty Irish, my mothers maiden name is Newlin which I think is German, and my dad's mom's maiden name is French so I'm pretty much just a big white mutt.
  10. I'm hoping to get a DNA test for my birthday.
    My dad's dad was adopted so, I can't wait to see what surprises that dead bastard has for us. PS this is a regular ass family photo to me. If you teach a child that breasts of all varieties are not to be revered and thought of as sexual then, go figure, they don't reguard them as anything but what they truely are. @freethenipple @freethep