Things I don't understand

I just... Can't even...
  1. Anyone who is pro-life
    I just... Okay so... When it's inside of me you're going to protect it and not me. If it dies I could be tried for feticide. But as soon as it's not a fetus, it can be handed a shot gun and scrutinized to the point of suicidal behavior...
  2. Food
    Why must I need nourishment from food. Can't I just have a pill with all the things I need? Isn't it the future yet?
  3. My personal anxiety and depression
    For as long as I can remember they have been there but at 27 I am only now taking the reigns and it's still very difficult. I often feel disconnected. I often lose control.
  4. Sorry for the graphic photo.
    Why do people choose to ignore or deny all of the shittiest things about the world? If we all just opened our eyes, acknowledge the problems of human trafficking and fucking spoke up it might not be as bad as it is. #27millionpeople
  5. Friends
    Anyone who doesn't think animals are sentient is a fool and must not have had any non human friends.