Last Tuesday... that made me leave her.
  1. "So, do you really think you need to keep coming here?"
    In reference to our not seeing each other much this year... because we both had vacations, and I had accidentally slept through our previous appt. She asked me this in the middle of my story about my vacation.
  2. "You're trying to use me to gain the system"
    In reference to my acknowledged ignorance about ADA forms and policies... I have a thyroid problem that as far as I know is Hashimoto's, and I was trying to ask her if she could help me not get in trouble at work for getting sick more often than other people. She told me that in her experience every other store had the same sick day policy as my store, who's recently changed without my knowledge...
  3. The implication she didn't believe I have a thyroid disorder
    "Well I have a friend who has hashimoto's and she has to watch her nutrition very carefully," was mentioned twice. "Does it say anywhere that you have hashimoto's?"
  4. The implication I am not making any effort.
    After most of these words passed by I spent our appointment hyperventilating and crying
  5. And now I have to go back to her and tell her how shitty she made me feel and that I can't trust her anymore. And I sort of regret wasting everyone's time.