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Apparently this part is optional, although here I am typing some shit out. Either way, I took the participatory option.
  1. I didn't think this through, yet I have begun therefore I shall have a list.
  2. After reading that first thing I really should have thought this out.
  3. So ok, if you were a llama; wait no. One does not be a llama. You must be born a llama.
5 more...
This is why everything sucks
  1. Because everyone is geared to enjoy the worst offerings of everything.
  2. That is all.
I have few.
  1. I enjoy eating that crunchy bit at the end of the corn dog but before the stick. A lot, it is crunchy and therefore delightful.
  2. Staying awake on Benadryl
  1. People saying supposedly with not "b".
  2. People shutting the fuck up.
  3. Refer to last two things.
I cannot be embarrassed, however if I in fact could be...
  1. Recently accidentally, yes on accident grabbed a fellow male coworkers ass. Whoops.
  2. Once at the zoo a lady was yelling my name; I don't live near this zoo like I'm an hour and half or more out. After she said my name four times I replied, "What the fuck?" "What do you need?!" To which she replied, "I was speaking to the goat." I was at a children's zoo.
  3. That is all.