1. Crazy great-uncle
    He'll ask you about your non-existent boyf, give a back-handed compliment about how your skin is almost acne-free and then ask you for money
  2. My own dad
    He's bored and drunk and lost all his money to my great-aunt in a Mahjong game.
  3. Family friend
    Having to make small-talk with fam is one thing but you don't even care about this person. You awkwardly ask what they do for a living and they're unemployed. Everyone is uncomfortable.
  4. My own mom
    She brings up all your bidness in front of your cool cousins and then makes you go find her purse. When you get back she asks you to set her up a snapchat account
  5. 9-year old cousin
    He berates you for the sake of being obnoxious. He talks for way too long about a video game you don't give a shit about and then runs away, knocking over your wine