1. It's my birthday
  2. Here are some things I'm thinking about:
  3. Genocide of Indigenous americans and how no one says genocide even though it was
  4. How thanksgiving was just this thing white people did to worship their god for their many blessings and military successes and somehow wypipo decided that they were gonna make it about this ONE fucking feast where a formerly enslaved Native American taught them how to catch eel bc probably they knew that that was a better story than genocide
    And the basis of everything we're taught about Native Americans revolves around pilgrims and Plymouth rock and this dumb ass story that has nothing to do with genocide
  5. The fact that indigenous people are being physically attacked right now because some corporations want to take their land and poison their water
  6. How 2 years ago on my birthday I was in NY visiting my friend's college and I was watching Darren Wilson's verdict and I was so angry and then silently my friend hugged me and I burst into tears and couldn't stop crying and instead of going out and drinking she let me seethe and ordered me a pizza as I watched Obama tell everyone to be peaceful
  7. How much Ive changed in the past year
  8. How even though this year was pretty shit and the world is pretty fucking shit I'm still really fucking happy to be alive