1. Persepolis
    Just a funny as fuck girl tryna make it through the 1979 Iranian revolution.
  2. Harry Potter
    Hermione is the baddest witch
  3. Kick Ass
    My favorite movie trope is violent little girls who murk the shit out of men
  4. Wadjda
    Scammed her way to a bike in a society where girls don't ride bikes #hero
  5. Spy Kids
    Carmen was my idol because she was a good spy and a dick to her little brother
  6. Crooklyn
    Troy: *Leaving the dog's grave* "Bye Queenie. Sorry you got squished to death in the sofa. Even though I hated your guts."
  7. Battle Royale
    The movie that Suzanne Collins stole literally everything from to make Hunger Games (how was she not sued?) Every girl in this movie is dope but Takako Chigusa wins for the line, "I think you should be worried about your life instead of that flaccid thing in your pants."
  8. The Fits
    UGH ok I havent seen this movie yet bc where do u even see Sundance movies but I just know I would love it bc the trailer is just full of intense looking badasses like her