1. This is a poll.
  2. I honestly want to know.
  3. And I just realized this thing happens all the time
  4. Where a guy will talk about something he's interested in
    (which in itself is not bad, I mean it's always good to share things you're passionate about and start good conversations)
  5. But they will do it in a way that:
  6. automatically assumes you give a fuck
  7. ALSO automatically assumes you will find it as important as they do
  8. assumes you will find them INTERESTING or SMART for somehow bestowing this new knowledge upon you
  9. in no way gauges how bored you are, even when it's clear
  10. Example: A guy once explained the premise of Top Gear to me in GREAT DETAIL without any fear of me being uninterested.
    I honestly DREAM of this kind of immediate confidence and I try to achieve it but I feel like men were just socialized into having it???
  11. Women, do you notice this? What the fuck is up with it
  12. Men, I don't really care about what you have to say rn lol