Ya'll be talking about your crushes on here and I ALWAYS GUARANTEED have a thousand at a time bc I am a psycho who finds a lot of people attractive and has a lot of love to share. so listen up pls here are some of mine
  1. Batman fanatic
    He's a friend of friends kindaaa pretentious a lot but idk sometimes that does it for me and I hate myself for it but overall nice and funny as fuck and I wanna jump his bones but he also kinda curved me so I'm trying to get over this one
  2. Amazing female rapper
    OKAY I WOULD INSTANTLY MARRY HER IF SHE ASKED she's this dope rapper named Klevah (look her up) she's bi, pro-black, ADORABLE and her barz speak to my soul. I met her actually bc she's local and then by chance became best friends with HER friends and then one day at her show I was in the bathroom and SHE (SURPRISE!) CAME OUT OF THE STALL and told me my tights were dope and I told her I got them on sale at target so POINT IS my ten-step plan of making her fall in love with me is going swimmingly
  3. Dude who just graduated but is probably my soulmate
    LOVE 👏🏾 AT 👏🏾 FIRST 👏🏾 SIGHT. He is the cutest, most thoughtful, academically driven, 6 foot something, gangly but still a good dancer, very popular-because-he's-just-that-likeable, pro-black boy I've ever met. Chance the Rapper is his favorite rapper too ughhhh typing this out I'm sad we were too awkward and shy to ever get together
  4. Girl in my journalism classes
    She is adorable and soft spoken, she plays tennis and sings semi-professionally and is a really good at journalism actually. I have no idea if she's into girls but the crushes don't stop for heterosexuality HEY-O
  5. Palestinian student activist
    We met through campus activism. He's handsome and VERY nice, he's revolutionary in the same way I am like we would definitely destroy America together as a first date kinda thing, he's also a SUPER good rapper? Rappers really do it for me idk
  6. Which one should I marry vote now