1. Mom: @shanaz
    Really good at planning my birthday parties and always makes me milkshakes when I'm crying
  2. Dead beat. Showed up halfway through my life with the promise of a budding relationship only to bail. Always the sense that he's around but never quite there for me
  3. Cool Auntie: @ijeoma
    Always does my braids and gives me life advice on how not to take nobody's shit. Got me a hat for my birthday that said "The Devil is a Goddamn Lie"
  4. Older sister: @olive
    Taught me how to do makeup but also locked me in a closet for using her MAC lipstick. Beat the shit out of the boy who broke my heart. Was too scared to ask if she used her knives or brass knuckles
  5. Little sister: @lesbian
    She and her girlfriend are so annoying, but when she's not around I get panicky and miss her
  6. God: @dfly
  7. Wife: @jmic
    We met at a book store when we both tried to get the last copy of Capital by Karl Marx. Our hands touched. We were married within days.