inspired by @Lindi
  1. No shadiness intended, just wanted to add to some political discourse
  2. Like being politically involved is awesome and if you wanna vote for Hillary, by all means, do ya thang
  3. I know there are a lot of Hillary stans on here
  4. But
  5. if you don't vote for Hillary don't let people tell you you're ruining America
  6. America was already ruined
  7. Here I'm gonna post a screenshot from a professor named Steven Salaita who is more eloquent than I
  8. Static
  9. Static
  10. It would not be your fault if Trump won
    It would be the fault of a two-party system and a racist, sexist, homophobic capitalistic society that was already fucked up in the first place. And you not voting for a liberal and a conservative possibly winning as a result would not change that
  11. And on that note, if our only two options are people we don't like then we're not really living in a democracy
  12. And so we can stop pretending like voting for people we don't necessarily agree with is gonna change anything
    I believe we can fight on multiple fronts, of course. We can use what little political power we have buuuut let's put real focus on grassroots activism eh? eh?
  13. Main point is though:
  14. Vote if you want! try and vote local that's awesome
  15. But don't let anyone blame you for America's ills because you don't want to vote for Hillary
  16. That is all.