I know I should've seen them by now but I JUST HAVEN'T OK???
  1. Die Hard
    Never really had an interest, suuuuue meeeeee
  2. Titanic
    like whatever I know she's like "never let go" and then he lets go and she throws a necklace and gets painted like a french girl. That's enough to fake my way through any Titanic conversation
  3. Fight Club
    For some fucking reason Ive seen the first half about a million times but something always interrupts so Ive never finished. It's fine cuz no one likes to talk about it, as a rule
  4. Avatar
    Don't have an excuse, just never got around to it
  5. The Shining
    I'm a chickenshit, so I refuse. But I WILL lie to you like I've seen it.
  6. Star Wars
    I don't actually lie about this one but if you don't ask me directly "have you seen it" I'll fake my way through the convo to avoid the angry, dramatic accusations
  7. The Matrix
    This doesn't really count because I just watched it on a plane but the ONLY reason I watched it was to say I'd seen it. And you know what? I wished I had watched Juno for the 17th time instead