1. Noname is a Chicago rapper
  2. Many know her from Chance's Acid Rap as she was featured on Lost
    Bars were CRAZY. (Fuck me into open caskets/I wanna die with this/I wanna stop seeing my psychiatrist/ He said pill pop baby girl/cuz I promise you you tweaked/This empty bottled loneliness/This happiness you seek/The masochism that you preach/practice backflips, tragic actress/on a movie with no screen/and the only time he loves me is naked in my dreams) STRAIGHT. BARRRRRRZ. Anyway
  3. Her lyricism is amazing
    "Opportunity knockin, a nigga was out for coffee/ Inadequate like my window, the grammys is way too lofty/And I could stay here forever, I could die here/I don't have to try here/ Can I get my two sugars please?"
  4. The flow is unique from other rappers
  5. She raps about love, freedom, fear
  6. And even though I hate that people demonize women who are open about their sexuality
  7. I like that Noname isn't oversexualized in her "image" or whatever
  8. The music is so well produced
  9. And she's so much better than these trash new artists getting so much attention for NOTHING