Just found these. I think everyone can agree that the years 4th through 8th grade are the worst years of everyone's life and if you were pretty back then I hope you're ugly now sorry not sorry
  1. oh my god
    I was cursed with braces, glasses AND acne. The nerd trifecta. PLUS the Almost Unibrow™
  2. jesus
  3. hooooly shit lmaooo
  4. yikes
  5. I think this camera came with filters? og snapchat but nothing could effectively filter that face :')
  6. Was I trying to be seductive with a nintendo wii remote??
  7. k I'm kinda cute here acne and all
  8. oy
  9. Ending this with a Transformation Tuesday, if you're feeling low don't worry glo-ups are v real
  10. Also I never really thought I was ugly hence all those selfies so I'm proud of old me and moral of the story is you only get hotter so just realize you're beautiful now kk peace out l8r