Also to everyone who commented nice things on my last list I fucking love you all so much
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    I realize that I haven't written an interesting list in weeks
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    But here is another journaling about my life
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    💕💕💕My ______ is so great 💕💕💕
    I can't figure out what to call him
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    My guy, the dude, my friend who I like and sleep with, whatever term suits ya I'm not preoccupied with the labeling bc we're both on the same page
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    DAMN I really like him
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    Like damn damn damn I really like him this is nuts
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    I really dont wanna talk about it with people bc I feel annoying and everyone I know has already experienced this
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    But we go on dates, and he sleeps over, and yesterday he let me make him watch the first Harry Potter and he downloaded the movie and brought two types of popcorn and stayed awake even when I fell asleep and when I woke up he listened to me explain Pottermore sorting and my predictions on what he'd be and why I'm a hufflepuff and partly ashamed
    And also explain the hp references I wanted to make in the last two months but couldnt but now could bc he saw the movie
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    And he didnt even do it for sex bc a few days ago I told him I was too anxious for sex this week and he was like np at all
    which of course no guy should do anything under the assumption that he's gonna get laid duh but it's just nice to know bc so many guys are douchey 😞
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    And then in the morning he walked me to my class and later helped me study for my dow jones exam and we made fun of the name Jeh (sorry Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security) and then listened to me rant about white supremacist patriarchy for the 14387920766th time
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    bless UP this relationship is so fun