Preface: 1. There are exceptions 2. I realize this list makes me sound like a hater bc I am a Single LadyTM but hear me out
  1. They become dependent
    I have some really awesome, powerful gal pals, but something about a significant other brings out this needy ass monster inside them where they can't stand being away from their S.O. and I just. can't. And then when WE'RE together they're constaaaaantlyyyy textiiiiing theeeeem. Do ya'll shit together too?
  2. Their self-esteem seems to weaken
    I used to think my friends would stop complaining about themselves when they got male attention. I was naive. The constant worry about body appearance, etc actually sometimes gets worse??
  3. Prioritizing boyfriends over friends
    Not even gonna front this one is pure jealousy. Um, the fuck? Was I not here first? Does hoes before bros mean ANYTHING to you?
  4. Half the time the boyf is not worthy of my friend
    This is a mom line, but I'm serious. I've seen my friends who are 10's drag along these complete 5's and I want to scream. WE DON'T WANT NO SCRUBS, REMEMBER???
  5. The boyf fucks them over
    Some guys have been ridiculously uncool to my perfect friends. But instead of dropping their asses they just continue dating and complain continuously about the same things to me, a girl who cares less and less and less
  6. Is this because it's a lot of my friends' first boyfriends?
  7. And everyone is still learning how to be in a relationship?
  8. And love themselves?
  9. *Sigh
  10. l'll chill out