inspired by @ShawnKelly
  1. My VHS tape of Spy Kids
  2. Spazzles
    Onion rings, bacon, cheddar cheese, ranch and bbq on a quarter pound piece of magic
  3. White supremacy
  4. @jmic forcing me to make a bitmoji
  5. Finding out Bush did 9/11
  6. My mom playing No Doubt's "The Singles Collection" in the car for three straight years
  7. Forced piano lessons
  8. Natalie Tran on Youtube
  9. Patriarchy
  10. Nancy Drew computer games
  11. My dad making us do simple math word problems at dinner about having a dozen eggs and me never getting them right and my brother always getting them right
  12. Greg 😡
  13. Sitting in the sunshine a lot by myself
  14. Assata Shakur's autobiography
  15. All 7 seasons of UK Skins