1. Gonna
    He gonna, we gonna, they gonna
  2. Wanna
  3. Finna
  4. Ax
  5. Bout to
  6. They when I mean they're
    As in "they at the store"
  7. wunt
  8. 'Cause
    And I spell it "cuz" 🙃
  9. Be careful when ya'll call people out about "grammar"
  10. Just because someone uses a different vernacular than you doesn't mean it's a mistake
  11. And it doesn't speak to their level of intelligence
  12. I know all these words have equivalents that are considered "proper english"
  13. But idgaf
  14. And imma speak how tf I want
  15. And still be the 4.0 gpa stunter that I am
  16. To say you hate those mistakes is kinda coded language, no?
  17. I know who ya'll are talking about 😒😒😒