1. Three weeks ago my teacher was all "your essay is due in 3 weeks" and I'm like
  2. And do I spend my free saturdays doing it? No.
  3. I'm all
  4. And then comes yesterday when I thought the essay was due at midnight. So I start writing
  5. But really it's like
  6. And I'm
  7. And then I realized it wasnt due until THE NEXT NIGHT AT 11:55 PM!
  8. So I gave up on that shit
  9. But then it was today
  10. And it was like 9 PM
  11. And then 10 PM
  12. And then 11:30 PM
  13. And then it's 11:54!!!!
  14. And I'm like
  15. And I turned it in WITH THIRTY SECONDS TO SPARE
  16. And now I'm just sitting here
  17. And I'll probably do this again