Thanks for the request @Swanson
  1. I would live in a city
  2. In a very shitty apartment
  3. Next to the train
  4. And my walls would have cheap string lights and tapestry and posters of Assata Shakur and quotes by Angela Davis
  5. I work as a secretary for a radical grassroots organization
    I get paid absolute shit
  6. I would have an Afro and my girlfriend would have braids
  7. I switch between blue and purple lipstick daily
  8. I have a total of 8 dresses and 8 shirts and 1 pair of jeans and every single item of clothing is comfortable
  9. I am working on a low-budget indie film about a black girl mafia
  10. My girlfriend is writing a historical fiction about Claudia Jones
  11. We both quit school because it was stifling in many ways
  12. But we educate ourselves and learn every day and go to workshops and watch documentaries and read and read and read
  13. Our friends would come over on Friday nights
  14. And they would bring beer and good music
  15. And we would sit and laugh and talk about the revolution
  16. On Saturdays we go to concerts
  17. And then sit on our building's rooftop and cry together about the evil world
  18. And then laugh because it'll all be fine
  19. And then Sunday we sleep in