Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It was a beautiful summer night in Chicago.
  2. My bestest home friends were all reunited from our various universities
    Plus two friends from New York that my one gal pal met at her school
  3. We had gotten tapas downtown
  4. And then we were gonna go eat cupcakes and drink summer shandies by Lake Michigan
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  9. So we had just said a heart-warming, end of summer toast
  10. And we were sitting in a peaceful silence, soaking it all in
  11. When I notice a cop car encroaching on our space
  12. I don't know why we didn't run then but we didn't 🙄
  13. We just stayed put 🙄
  14. And then this cop comes out of his car
  15. Apparently there's a bunch of "no open container laws"
  16. And "no underage drinking laws"
  17. He starts asking to see IDs and shit
  18. One of my friends HANDS HIM HER FAKE ID
  19. We all silently gasp in terror and she immediately realizes what she's done
    We all wait fucking frozen
  20. Dumbass cop thinks the fake is real
  21. But then he asks for the rest of our IDs
  22. And at first all five of us are like "We don't have our IDs"
  23. So he starts to get mad and starts swearing
    "This is the fucking CPD!!! This is not your fucking local suburban cop!!!"
  24. He even tells one of my friends to give him her purse
    She says, "I don't consent to a search" and he says "I'll put you ALL IN HANDCUFFS AND GET THE PADDYWAGON RIGHT NOW" 🙄 what an asshole
  25. So finally we hand over our IDs
  26. And he heads back to his car to take our info
  27. And my friend (the same one who knew her right to deny search consent) reaches for her phone to call her parents
  28. And the cop yells
    "Before you go calling mommy and daddy and getting all Lawyer 101 on me, just know that I have every right to arrest you guys right now!" 😑
  29. So we're waiting there
  31. When he comes back and says he only takes down two of our infos because he's "being nice"
  32. He hands us two drinking tickets and tells us to leave
  33. We do
  34. Turns out he filled out the drinking tickets wrong and they don't hold up in court
  35. The judge actually said
    "Wow this cop was a dumbass"
  36. I know this is privileged and coulda been a lot worse
    Woulda been A LOT different if I wasn't with five white girls
  37. But I'm still pissed he ruined our night
  38. Instead of stopping actual crime in Chicago
  39. CPD is fucking useless