Requested by @jmic
Requested by my lord queen and savior/roommate @jmic
  1. Women's underwear
    Under the bed, dirty
  2. A sock
    Behind the dresser, dirty
  3. Bedsheets
    Squished between the bed in the wall, dusty af
  4. A safety pin
    Hidden within the bedroom carpet, WHICH I FUCKING STEPPED ON
  5. A pair of scissors
    In the couch, rusty
  6. A yoga mat
    Urine yellow, probs soaked in dried sweat
  7. A box of dried apricots
    Moldy, with smell
  8. 1/5 bottle of UV blue vodka
    Was this their idea of a gift
  9. A bag of outdated textbook
    Too lazy to throw out, exhibit A
  10. A bag of clothes
    Too lazy to throw out, exhibit B
  11. A bag of boots, sunglasses
    Too lazy to throw out, exhibit C
  12. A toilet brush
    Tag still on it, hash-tag UNUSED
  13. Whatever the fuck this is
    Fa6b2fa1 b547 4378 a00f 8eaf1eb66cc3
  15. A microwave
    Which seemed clean at first but then I looked at the top and it had never. Been. Cleaned. Once. The smell is still burning in my nose.
  16. Cleaning supplies
    Each and every bottle 1/16 full
  17. And last but not least
  18. Approximately 25 million hangers
    Add9bebd f379 4f3a a55a 4e741404ce85
  19. Please if you sublet ever
  20. Just keep in mind
  21. Dirty bitches get stitches
  22. This has been a PSA