1. White people
  2. Static
    A variety of students from a party this weekend at my wonderful university
  3. Note the TSA agents and people dressed as Arabs
  4. Note the sombreros
  5. Note the Native American appropriation
  6. Was the theme racism?
  7. It had to be right?
  8. The next day there was this
    Unrelated racism. But yeah racism
  9. And there was a bunch of pro-Trump chalkings too, not just this one
    This one was just found in front of the Latinx Studies building. You know, like a hate crime
  10. And the University mass emails this response
  11. "We're not gonna do anything, but ya'll can"
  12. "This is probably gonna happen again, but yeahhh we're not gonna do anything"
  13. And then in documentaries class we watched a doc about these white savior filmmakers who bring a Iraqi film student to their set so he could take a break from the war ig? It was fucked up and the Iraqi guy kept trying to extend his stay
    Long story short my classmates came out of the film thinking that the Iraqi student was a lazy beggar who mooched off of other people to get what he wanted
  14. And I just deal with this all the damn day
  15. And my white roommate wonders why I don't want to come home and explain my hurt feelings to her
  16. The audacity
  17. I'm just so tired