1. Hello all you white women out there
  2. Ya'll have been having a pretty good day today, huh
  3. You white feminists have been out in droves today like
  4. Local
  5. Local
  6. Local
  7. 👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👨🏾👩🏼
  8. Ya'll are driving me fucking bananas
  9. But this isn't even about politics actually
    Trump is trash. But I don't have room in this list for explaining how I believe Hillary is not the "lesser of two evils"/is funded by corporate capitalists just like Trump and has toppled democratically elected leaders in the Middle East and Latin America/installed murderous dictators and will continue running the horror show that is the United States in the same exact way so not voting for her and letting Trump win wouldn't make America any worse than it has been. Wait I did have room
  10. No, white feminists, ACTUALLY this list is about you
    SPECIFICALLY white feminist li.sters
  11. I used to think it was really cool that all my lists about race would trend
  12. But looking at the *demographics*
    White women white women white women
  13. And I used to brush it off like
  14. It's okay! I'm not educating them!
    (I firmly don't believe in wasting any energy on any sort of "education" for white people on race)
  15. I'm just ranting and my voice just *happens* to be amplified by a bunch of white women who *happen* to be benefitting from reading my lists and maybe wanna share
  16. It's cool I can say things and people will listen and respond positively!
  17. And I see other dope af black women make lists about race and those trend all the time
  18. And not to erase the awesome black women and other woc that lift each other up on here
  19. But the majority of list likes, relists and comments on these "race" lists?
    White women white women white women
  20. It's not cool anymore really because of the simple fact that
  22. Like I SEEEE you uplifting this white heroine that consistently erases women of color
  23. I SEEEEE you appropriating my culture with black slang and music and style you stole and fucked up and made lame
  24. And then I seeeee youuuuu relist and like and comment on my shit!
  25. I honestly wonder what goes through white women's heads when they read black women's lists
  26. "Wow"
  27. "This is so powerful"
  28. "She is so brave"
  29. *Likes, relists, comments 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻*
  30. *opens window* *shouts into the open air*
  32. *Turns on Iggy Azalea, retweets #HillYes, thinks Emma Watson is the greatest feminist of our time*
  33. Giphy
  34. And for all you white women who think this list isn't about you
  35. This list is about you
  36. I feel like at this point white feminists are gonna look for the "so what should I do, how should I be supportive then???"
    Should you STOP liking and relisting? Probably not. Should you STOP being hypocritical white feminists. How can you? Half of you really think this list doesnt apply to you when it totally does
  37. lmao I don't fucking know, I don't have a single answer
  38. Also don't come in my comments with the "why would you alienate your allies/majority of followers in such a way???" lol much like real life idgaf if they stick around or not
    "IT DOESNT HELP TO BE DIVISIVE" like bitch I know so stop alienating ME and my oppression from your feminism
  39. Anyway
  40. Not that li.st isn't fun as hell
  41. But I wish there was a large Black li.st community like Black Twitter and Black Tumblr. hopefully theres one soon
  42. Ya'll are gonna steal our trends and shit but it would be fun and I could stop making lists for white audiences
  43. All the black women who make lists on here, I love your content to death never stop ❤️