1. I get why Bernie supporters voting for Trump is insane 🙄
  2. But is it really fair to say that people who supported Bernie and don't want to vote for Hillary are "ridiculous"
  3. These people spent an insane amount of time, energy and money into trying to elect this man
  4. Only to find out the DNC rigged the whole thing or at least tried to
    On top of all the other voter suppression that made headlines throughout the primaries
  7. And Wasserman-Schultz is not just anyone
  8. It's Hillary's ~former campaign co-chair~
  9. who tried to rig the election!!!
    This is a fucked up system!!! How did she even get to be DNC chair is what Im wondering? I digress
  10. If I was a Bernie stan finding this out I WOULD BE SO PISSED?¿
  11. And people are just like "suck it up, she won" and also
  12. "She wouldve won anyway!!!"
    Does that excuse the rigging?? Doesn't this turn you off of political participation in this system even just a little bit?? If it turned out the DNC had tried to get Bernie to win wouldn't Hillary supporters be livid?
  13. In my opinion #Bernieorbust should stay pissed
  14. I wasn't a super big Bernie lover or anything
  15. But I think that anger is hella valid
  16. I say topple the system
  17. Start a REAL political revolution
    Because news flash ya boy who said he wanted one just endorsed the lady who scammed him so was he really for revolution...?
  18. Why are we participating if it's not fair?
  19. Why can't we expand our political imaginations to a world where we actually are represented fairly and our votes count and some superdelegate can't completely disregard what candidate I want?
  20. I know there's pragmatism. I know there is reality. Politics must go on.
  21. But also it's not just pragmatists...it's sanctimonious assholes literally calling angry Bernie supporters "babies" "stubborn" "children"
  22. No, these are legitimate concerns of an American public who has been duped once again by a shit democracy.
  23. I don't think people are nearly as angry as they should be, hold elections to the standards they should be held to, or even IMAGINE a world where politics isn't run by money and we don't have to choose the lesser of two evils.
  24. If we can imagine that world, we can start building it.
  25. Instead we are all sheep playing into rich people's games. Trump and Hillary and Bernie supporters alike.