Follow up to my last list
  1. omg so like
  2. I live in a black suburb
    A suburb with black people and only *I* can call it that
  3. Anyway
  4. There's this biking/running trail by my house that a lot of the white people use from the neighboring town
  5. And like there's this whole TRAIL CULTURE that I didn't know existed and no one prepared me for I just had to learn
  6. Here is what I've learned:
  7. A lot of people will greet you really chipper with "Mornin'!" Never "good morning" or "hi!". Always "mornin'!"
  8. But if you see a person twice, like on your way back, you don't say anything OR you give a tight lipped smile like "haha we already saw each other isn't this awkward"
  9. You don't have to greet someone if:
  10. you are two suburban moms on your morning walk and gossiping about your ugly mutual neighbor Sharon
    you are deep in the convo and can't be interrupted
  11. you are a really fast, muscular jogger man
    you are much too deep into important training to say "Mornin'!"
  12. you have kids
    you gotta make sure Susie doesn't ride up ahead too far because Joshua can't keep the fuck up because he's riding his Big Wheels which is not even a real bike ugh and it's hard to control Mitsy's newfangled baby stroller with only the one wheel in the front like a fucking wheelbarrow why is this supposed to be easier and oh shit I forgot to say "Mornin'!" to that jogger but man fuck it HEY SUSIE
  13. Bikers always say "on your left" when they're coming on your left