1. When I was 12 I believed in Obama
  2. I believed he could deliver the change he promised
  3. Now I know that he was a figurehead
  4. For a deep, sinister system
  5. As old as the country itself
  6. And that every proposed change, every progressive law
  7. Has been a bandaid on a gaping wound.
  8. I believed in Obama's Blackness.
  9. Because he could shoot hoops and had daughters that looked like me
  10. But on my birthday when they announced Darren Wilson was innocent
  11. and Obama told the Black people of Ferguson to be peaceful as they stared military grade police weapons in the face, I cried in rage
  12. It was through him, not Hillary, that I learned what pandering was
  13. It was through him I learned that Blackness is not simply singing Amazing Grace or Al Green
  14. Blackness is actually standing up for Black people
  15. Not drinking a glass of water in Flint.
  16. When I was 12 I believed in Obama
  17. And presidents
  18. And elections
  19. And the United States of America
  20. And that the person at the top could give
  21. freedom and justice for all.