1. When you're an activist, a lot of what you do can be simplified into: trying to mobilize people to change the environment around them for the better
  2. And that is REALLY HARD not necessarily because the system is so sturdy (capitalist white supremacy is actually not sustainable at all!)
  3. The most infuriating part that makes it hard to dismantle is that oppressed peoples have been TRICKED into thinking that the system is working out just fine
  4. The hardest part about activism is not convincing your oppressors that you need to be free
    That can never be done. Which is why I stopped explaining shit to white people and men.
  5. It is convincing your fellow oppressed peoples that there is something that needs to be changed.
  6. Because, and I know this is oversimplifying,
  7. but in some sense all we have to do is WANT it.
  8. All we have to do is WANT change.
  9. If all the oppressed peoples WANTED change rather than felt compelled to do nothing or "keep their head to the grindstone to work your way up" or choose the lesser of two evils or any bullshit like that that's keeping us locked into a terrible system forever
  10. Then we could DESTROY the white supremacist capitalist cispatriarchy
  11. But too many of us do not recognize that we're being played.
  12. We've been brainwashed into thinking we are fine, that we are "gaining" in rights, that having a Black president means something when Black people are still being killed everyday and Black children are drinking poisoned water everyday. He is completely complicit in this system and is a TOOL used to trick us into thinking we're gaining momentum.
  13. Just like Hillary will be a tool to make us think we've gained in women's rights and have avoided a disaster
  14. Just like gay marriage was a tool to make us think we gained in queer rights
  15. Just like a growing Black middle class makes us think we have "come so far"
  16. These are not "gains" they are appeasements, they are tools used by our oppressors to pacify us.
  17. Real change can only come from us recognizing the true inequalities we face everyday and coming together to dismantle it on the whole.
  18. But being an activist means convincing people that they are oppressed, and that is just one of the hardest thing to do.
  19. Because people who know they're oppressed, but don't think they can do anything about it is one thing.
    It's much easier to mobilize people with this mindset.