Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Doing normal shit like everyone else
  2. And not having to think about race
  3. I can't do that
  4. For example:
  5. Wanting to pursue a career
    But having to worry about race. Worry about being a black female who is statistically underrepresented in pretty much all fields and how I'll have to work harder to get half as much as my white male counterparts and still get paid a FRACTION of what they get
  6. Wanting to date
    But having to worry about race. If they're outside of my race will people judge me and will this person say racist things to me and even if I do date inside of my race what if they have internalized racism (hoteps, respectability bullshitters) and on and on and on
  7. Wanting to go to class
    But having to worry about race. How I'm usually one of the only people of color and I barely get any respect even though I know I'm just as competent. Actually having to DROP certain classes because the professors are so racist I break down in tears and can't return to class without full on meltdowns
  8. Wanting to drive a car
    But having to worry about race. Because I am statistically more likely to get pulled over and in any cop interaction I could be shot dead and never see my fucking family again.
  9. Wanting to cross the street
    BUT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT RACE. Knowing that I am more likely to get hit by a car than a white person because people LITERALLY value my life less. People always barely stop for me unless Im with a white person. Here:
  10. Wanting to go shopping
    But having to worry about race. Because I always get fucking followed in stores. (Store alarms actually give me such anxiety).
  11. Wanting to have kids
    But having to worry about race. How I know bringing a kid into this world means they'll be black which means they'll have to deal with all the same shit I did. Having to think about how my child MY CHILD will be born in a society that hates them and could possibly be KILLED with no repercussions just because of the color of his or her skin
  12. Wanting to have fun on ListApp
    But having to worry about race. Because amidst all the fun and funniness racist trolls exist and also people who dismiss racist trolls as simple internet annoyances that can be blocked away.
  13. Basically
  15. without having to think about race
  16. And white people don't.
  17. And that is white privilege.