1. Hillary reminds me of my ex-friend, Amber.
  2. My ex-friend Amber is a blond, white girl who I used to be super cool with.
  3. She is a friendly person, has goals of correcting the errors of the world (poverty, inequality, etc) and likes to read books. She is a generally cute person.
  4. Amber and I stopped being friends because she was a racist.
  5. I didn't realize Amber was a racist when we became friends.
  6. And Amber was very surprised and angry and hurt that I ended our friendship, because she also never thought of herself as a racist.
  7. She, like many many others, thinks racism is this
  8. and this
  9. and this
  10. and this
  11. because that is what we're all taught racism is.
  12. And, of course, those things ARE racist.
  13. But racism has evolved.
  14. It has evolved from enslavement to imprisonment.
  15. It has evolved from blatant slurs to codified slurs.
  16. It is silencing the marginalized.
  17. It is saying, "I have a black friend."
  18. It is *supporting* people who are genuinely racist.
  19. These things are RACIST.
  20. These things are HARMFUL. And DANGEROUS.
  21. But it's hard to see because it's wrapped up in an adorable blonde.
  22. Amber didn't see herself as the bad kind of racist.
  23. But newsflash: there is no *worse* kind of racism because it all fucks us over in the end.
  24. Fortunately for her, all Amber's white sorority friends have her back and think I'm a raving black bitch who's just tryna bring her down for no reason when I could be out there fighting "real" racism.
  25. 🙄