Requested by @jmic
This may have been a drunk list request but @jmic would Make America Great for the First Time and here's why
  1. Political Nerd
    Doesn't just get her info from Fox News or The Daily Show. Actually reads. Knows ACTUAL shit about politics in a non partisan kind of way. Unlike current candidate Donald Trump
  2. Experience
    Worked on The Hill this summer which is more political experience than Donald Trump tbqh
  3. World Traveler
    Has been to multiple countries and studied political science abroad. The US could def take some notes from other, less violent countries and she's probably already taken them
  4. Takes no shit
    5'1 on a good day and the most intimidating person you'll ever meet. NOT HERE FOR YOUR BULLSHIT. Anderson Cooper would call her "refreshing."
  5. Truth-teller to a fault
    She doesn't sugar coat things, even if you reaaaally want her to. Everyone needs that kind of friend and the US needs that kind of president
  6. No ties to corrupt corporations
    Goldman Sachs isn't her main supporter. *I* am.
  7. Pretty
    The face of America doesn't HAVE to be attractive, but I think we'd all appreciate this beautiful face as the Leader of the Free World. She looks perfect with a baby, great for press
  8. Identity
    I, too, would like a woman in the White House for once. Also, as an Asian American woman she has a grasp on the marginalized and would probably tell the stuck up white politicians to suck a dick or two and I'm here for that kind of messy political drama
  9. Funny af
    In the same vein, judging by the way I've heard her roast the shit out of people IRL, the White House correspondents dinner would be Obama-level 🔥🔥🔥
  10. I would manage her campaign
    I love her so much and the propaganda-esque videos I would make for her that span her political life would make an anarchist want to vote for her
  11. @jmic 4 PRESIDENT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸