1. Facebook and twitter were minefields today filled with fucked up news of the fucked up world!
  2. I'm at a loss!
  3. I also just watched a documentary
  4. Documentaries can be very sad
  5. Sometimes I eat sugary foods to feel happier
  6. This list is reading like a depressing children's book
  7. What can make me feel better right now?
  8. It's bad to drink in the middle of the day
  9. I stopped writing for months
  10. But there's been so much to process
  11. I would usually look back at my journals but they're not there
  12. Now important memories flood back to me, out of order, one by one
  13. I should clean my bathtub, but I'm not going to
  14. I should selfishly avoid everyone today and make them feel guilty before I feel guilty
  15. I wish we'd learned about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in school
  16. I wonder where I'd be if I hated the world just a little earlier