1. Should I play a game on my phone?
  2. What's that blinking light across the room?
    My computer? Smoke detector? Something else I left charging?
  3. Hmmm, back or stomach tonight?
    What's healthier? Which do I LIKE better? Why are they always on their backs in tv...that seems statistically unreasonable.
  4. Why is my roommate still awake?
  5. Should I play a game on my phone?
  6. Did I set my alarm?
  7. Did I brush my teeth?
  8. (While listening intently) What is my roommate doing? Are they in the bathroom.... What are they doing in there?
  9. Tomorrow I'm talking to the building super about that damn dog.
  10. What am I going to have for breakfast in the morning?
  11. Should I play a game on my phone?
  12. What did people do before we had phones to play games on?
    They read books you dummy! You should try it! Nah.... I'll just play a game on my phone?
  13. (After playing a game on my phone) why did I just waste all that time?
  14. What's that smell? Is that me or the sheets?
  15. When did I last wash these sheets?
  16. I should get new sheets.
  17. What color should my new sheets be?
  18. Do I still have that coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond? I could use that to buy my new sheets.
  19. I don't need new sheets... Just wash these!
  20. Should I play a game on my phone?
  21. Wait, now my roommate is in the kitchen?!? At this hour? They are going to get fat eating at this time of night.
  22. Should I play a game on my phone?
  23. Someone's outside my window.... Who's outside my window?
    No no... Just the wind
  24. I'm hot. (Throw back the covers)
  25. Should I play a game on my phone?
  26. I'm cold. (Pull covers back on)
  27. I should go to bed earlier...I could use more sleep in my life.
  28. Did I take out my contacts?
  29. What game should I play on my phone?
  30. I bet I could invent a game for phones... Or not.
  31. What was that new app BJ Novak started? Top things? Words? Stuff? Things we think? No... It was one word, but what's the word? Word? No... Options? No.... Maybe I should look it up? Wait... Lines? Line? No, no... Lists? No, List!! Yes!!! I'm brilliant. But it's spelled weird.... Li.st yes!!! I need to download that tomorrow!
    Or right now?!? Yes.
  32. Should I play a game on my phone?