What I ate
  1. Pitas with tomatos
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    Pita bread(sprinkled with water, toasted), salad, humus, grilled tomatos (with garlic, onions and fallaffel spices plus lil bit Oregon) - eat while hot!
  2. My favorite salad
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    Every kind of salad (I use 3 most times), avocado, feta, walnuts, coconuts and my favorite dressing: olive oil+vinegar+lemon juice+sugar
  3. Apple "salad"
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    Apples, walnuts, coconut, red berries, dressing: olive oil plus vinegar plus lemon juice plus sugar
  4. Egg noodles
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    (Egg) Noodles, brokkoli, champignons, pepper and salt
  5. Bananis
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    Bananas, fried in Rice Paper (only had Rice Paper and my Bananas were more than ripe so I had to use them and I miss my boyfriend and we always go to this Asian Buffett and I always eat fried bananas so I had to make me some), with honey! I know the picture looks like 💩