What I ate
  1. Pitas with tomatos
    Pita bread(sprinkled with water, toasted), salad, humus, grilled tomatos (with garlic, onions and fallaffel spices plus lil bit Oregon) - eat while hot!
  2. My favorite salad
    Every kind of salad (I use 3 most times), avocado, feta, walnuts, coconuts and my favorite dressing: olive oil+vinegar+lemon juice+sugar
  3. Apple "salad"
    Apples, walnuts, coconut, red berries, dressing: olive oil plus vinegar plus lemon juice plus sugar
  4. Egg noodles
    (Egg) Noodles, brokkoli, champignons, pepper and salt
  5. Bananis
    Bananas, fried in Rice Paper (only had Rice Paper and my Bananas were more than ripe so I had to use them and I miss my boyfriend and we always go to this Asian Buffett and I always eat fried bananas so I had to make me some), with honey! I know the picture looks like 💩