1. Holographic (and other stuff you cant take a pictures of)
  2. Dogs
  3. Hickeys (because they fade quickly)
  4. LGoony
  5. The floral iMovie title (and people who have the same humor)
  6. Lying on wooden floors
  7. The first time you put your head unter water in summer
  8. Brightneonpink Fingernails
  9. Doodleing
  10. That my Sushi Guy gives grapes as desert
  11. That we took our plants in elementary school with us for holidays (and never gave them back)
  12. Frühlingsgefühle
  13. The thing with used letters at electronic typewriters
  14. Washing brushes
  15. TCM
  16. When it's actually black and not dark grey
  17. Let vinyls whisper
  18. Teabags
  19. The dynamics of horizons
  20. Sneaker
  21. Neo Magazin Royale
  22. Turning off the mobile phone
  23. Notebooks/journaling
  24. On the Run concert in Paris
  25. Flying and being on the road
  26. Writing
  27. 🏀
  28. Pausenbrot
  29. Wartebonbon
  30. Parks&Recreation
  31. Maleficents Throne (in the movie with A Jolie)
  32. Kaiseki
  33. "Romeo+Juliet" and "Moulin Rouge" by Baz Luhrmann
  34. Morbid stuff (but edel not creepy)