What's your biggest accomplishment/failure/meal/gaffe/purchase/crime/pathology?
  1. Ate a whole pizza without opening my eyes.
  2. Almost voted for Ross Perot.
    Well, I couldn't. Too young at the time. But God I love charts and commercial free television. Even if it's a long commercial for a politician with an accent.
  3. 'm trapped in the body of Kevin Bacon
    Suggested by @p
  4. Killed @dad's wife, Christine.
    Total lie, but what's up with the mailman buddy? @dad needs a private investigator.
    Suggested by @jeremysomething
  5. Thought Jennifer Lawrence would be impressed by how many deer ticks I have on my leg
    Suggested by @tombatten
  6. Broke my bed
    Suggested by @r_hynes_
  7. Was not born as a squirrel.
    It's obvious for those who know me.
    Suggested by @Squirrelguy
  8. Cried over spilled milk.
    (It was almond milk)
    Suggested by @derek_
  9. Drank all of the egg nog
    Suggested by @bdot