Begging your body for forgiveness is an art form.
  1. Cocaine.
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    Just a little breakfast bump.
  2. Spooning.
    I just want to be held. Oh, and then a bloody marry.
    Suggested by @jeremysomething
  3. Sleep.
    Hibernating for at least a full 24 hours, maybe 36. LEAVE ME BE, WORLD!
    Suggested by @linzamauve
  4. Sausage McMuffin
    Suggested by @mignac
  5. Build-your-own bottomless bloody mary.
    Suggested by @katphillips
  6. My children being like fuck the hangover we need you to wipe our tush
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  7. Queso
    Chips and Queso. Just enough to get my head right.
    Suggested by @callmetajj