This First Thing I Do When I Know Sex Is a Possibility Is ___________.

Tell us your Step 1. Also, watch Brad Neely's "Now We Can Make Love" for inspiration : (it wants you to verify your age, but it's animated, don't worry... It's relatively SFW)
  1. Remove all belly button lint.
  2. Regret not showering the last 3 days.
    Suggested by   @jeremysomething
  3. Shower & shave
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  4. Brush teeth
    Suggested by   @SharinaWunders
  5. Match my bra and underwear 🙃
    Suggested by   @michellejennifer
  6. Hot bath and 🍷and a glass of vino
    And yes it is called vino if it is pre sex
    Suggested by   @jannychan
  7. Congratulate the guy!
    Suggested by   @reconditioner
  8. Lock the door. Because ya know... We've got kids.
    Suggested by   @mallofamanda
  9. Kick all pets out of the room...because it is creepy when they watch
    Suggested by   @jest
  10. Ready the trapeze
    Suggested by   @bdot
  11. Ruin it with my awkwardness
    Suggested by   @clmehartigan