These are in chronological order.
  1. Jimmy Buffet
    Went when I was still in elementary school with my mother and a work friend of her's. Honestly I don't remember much but I do remember seeing a woman's breast up on the Jumbotron surrounded by palm trees whilst cheeseburger in paradise was blaring in my ears.
  2. The Black Keys
    This was my freshmen year of high school. It was at music midtown at Piedmont Park in Atlanta and I only really wanted to go to see them. I was so far away but man, can Pat Carney play a drum.
  3. Coldplay (one song)
    They went on after the keys and opened with Yellow. After that I had had my fill and I left. Also around the time R.E.M. split up so I heard they did a cover. Glad I missed that mess.
  4. Radiohead
    Oh wow I wish I could say this was my first concert. This absolutely blew me away. I went with my childhood best friend and my father. We arrived late and while I was going through security, they started to go stage. I kinda freaked and ran through security and down to the floor to see Johnny Greenwood in all his glory. The next 3 hours I will never forget.
  5. Johnny Marr
    HO. LY. SHIT. November 2013 I took a close friend to this show. It was my first concert without parental supervision and wanted someone there with me. He wasn't much of a Smiths fan but it didn't seem that way as we flew down 285 blaring This Charming Man. We got front row on the floor and during the concert, he noticed me look at his fingers and put his jaguar 1 foot away from my face and then winked. I died. My all time favorite guitarist, noticing me noticing him. Greatest moment of my life.
  6. Arcade Fire
    I took my girlfriend to see Arcade Fire during the first summer we spent together. It was also my first amphitheater show which was awesome. On that tour they told the fans to dress up in elaborate costumes and dresses but we didn't have anything to wear. So I think we ended up looking like the weirdos in t shirts and jeans. #Normcore
  7. Paul McCartney
    My lifelong dream had finally come true. I was the biggest Beatles fan growing up. I really didn't listen to much else from 8th to 11th grade. I had been wanting to see the man who I considered to be the worlds greatest songwriter for years and I finally got tickets! I went with dad and I really had such a magical time. It was just perfect and incredibly satisfying.
  8. Palma Violets
    Saw them at Shaky Knees last summer after my first year of college. Also took my girlfriend and had an absolute ball. I wanted to see the Palma's because I heard they were kinda like a modern day sex pistols on stage. It was pretty abrasive and their shirtless sweaty roadies all start moshing next to us. 10/10
  9. Neutral Milk Hotel
    This concert had THE best vibe EVER. The sun was blaring but hearing Jeff sing against a wall of accordions, guitars, and trumpets made me feel like I was floating.
  10. Wilco
    Nels Cline?? In person?? I was awestruck. My girlfriend not so much. "Why do they play pretty music in the middle but just noise at the beginning and end?"
  11. Noel Gallagher
    Honestly, this was a total guilty pleasure moment for me. He happened to be playing at the same festival as Wilco and halfway through Poor Places, we ran a mile through the park to see Noel sing Don't Look Back In Anger. I have never sang that loud before in my life. It was totally ethereal to me. Me and the other 40 something Brit pop loving dads.