Summer 2016 Exception vs Reality

College is out and time for summer to begin! It's gonna be epic.....right?
  1. Get a tan: Expectation
    I'm going to get a beautiful golden tan.
  2. Get a tan: Reality
    Get burnt with terrible tan lines...
  3. Going on an amazing vacation: Expectation
    Finally going to take a trip out of the country...
  4. Going on an amazing vacation: Reality
    Six flags for the 100th time will be fun..right?
  5. Reading a long novel: Expectation
    I am actually gonna sit down and red a good piece of literature.
  6. Reading a long novel: Reality
    Read the notebook AGAIN...
  7. Learn to play tennis: Expectation
    The tennis skirts are too cute!
  8. Learn to play tennis: Reality
    Just a bad...bad idea...
  9. Cook new recipes: Expectation
    I want to make my husband happy one day!
  10. Cook new recipes: Reality
    I'll stick with hot pockets....