Thoughts I Have while at a College Baseball Game

  1. Pre Game:
    "Yay!!! Let's Go Rebels!!"
  2. 1st Inning:
    "These baseball players are so cute!"
  3. 2nd Inning:
    "This popcorn is heavenly!"
  4. 3rd Inning:
    "Crap, I ate all my popcorn.."
  5. 4th Inning:
    "I need to pay attention to the game I guess."
  6. 5th Inning:
    "It's only the fifth inning?"
  7. 6th Inning:
    "How do people sit and whatch this for 3 hours?"
  8. 7th Inning:
  9. 8th Inning:
    "I can see the light!"
  10. 9th Inning:
  11. Post Game:
    "Wait.. Who won?"