1. Help keep the child you're sitting next to entertained.
  2. Disengage when you realize said child is annoying.
  3. Attempt to connect to the bus's weak wi-fi.
  4. Pray your family won't mind the data usage on the family plan when you give up.
  5. Listen to music.
  6. Read a book.
  7. Try reclining your seat back without bothering the stranger behind you.
  8. Try sleeping on your back
  9. Try sleeping on your right side.
  10. Try sleeping on your left side.
  11. Pass out randomly.
  12. Watch a movie on your laptop/device/etc.
  13. Use the bathroom on the bus
  14. Realize that next time you just need to wait for the next rest stop.
  15. Realize that you might be the only white person on the bus.
  16. Question if that observation is racist.
  17. Convince the bus driver not to leave anyone behind at the rest stop.
  18. Try to decipher the Chinese bus driver's English through his accent
  19. Acknowledge that, for how affordable this is, it's not that bad and you'd probably do it again.
  20. Be thankful you're going home for Thanksgiving at all.