Black Friday shopping, and the buying decision process between friends.
  1. Me: Those jeans make your butt look great.
    Her: yeah, but what about this crease under my butt? (Her ass looked fantastic) no dice.
  2. Me: those jeans look great, your body is sick.
    Her: these jeans are really low. Me: where is your belly button? Her: lifts shirt. Me: oh, yeah those are low. Bend over. Her: bends over, two inches of her thong are showing. No dice.
  3. Her: are these jeans blue or black?
    Me: they are waxed, so both. Her: proceeds to insert first leg, and gives up. I wouldn't be able to moooove. No dice.
  4. Her: these jeans are hitting me in a weird spot, they're giving me...
    She doesn't have the words, because she's a size 0-2. But I know what she's pointing at, and what she means. Me: muffin top. No dice.
  5. Her: do you have any jeans that come up a little higher on the waist?
    Proceeds to try them on. Bends over and shows me the huge gap the jeans make at her lower back. Me: speechless. No dice.
  6. Lesson learned: it doesn't matter what size you are, being a woman and trying on clothes can present problems, body issues, and unsuccessful shopping trips.