My personality in meme form
  1. Let's just start right's gonna get primal.
  2. I love you, I swear, but please go the fuck away.
  3. I LOVE having a crush! I will bang you, cook for you, give you a back massage, all in my head! Because let's face it, the fantasy of a person is always better than the reality.
  4. No caption needed.
  5. It's really my go to... Headache...masturbate. Bored...rub one out....
  6. Just call me, the 3 day psycho🖕🏻😡😭🖕🏻
  7. True story. I have a potty mouth, fuckers🤘🏻
  8. That's my therapy.
  9. Real quick.
  10. Exactly, like that.