I pray you never need to use these. I have had a man be violent with me, and it's fucking terrifying. When you have to defend yourself against a man, you QUICKLY realize how strong they really are. I got tossed like a rag doll. I took a self defense class, and I want you to have the info.
  1. First, never turn your back to them.
    Back away from them, while still facing them.
  2. Be loud
    Tell them to "BACK OFF" make it clear that you are not an easy target. That you will fight back.
  3. "Pick up the phone"
    If anyone ever grabs your wrist, flatten your palm and yank your arm up toward your head. It looks like you are answering the phone. These men were strong, and it worked every time we practiced it.
  4. Knees are extremely vulnerable
    If you can kick an attacker in his knee cap, DO IT! Knees can be injured from every angle.
  5. Go for eyeballs and balls
    If you are being attacked, gouge that bastard's eyes. Using your thumbs is your best choice. If you can knee, kick, or punch your attacker in the balls.
  6. I will throat punch you
    You can kill someone by throat punching them. It's serious shit. Personally, I would only use that move out of pure desperation. I'm not trying to catch a murder rap. BUT, I would use it if necessary!!
  7. The most effective body parts to hit
    The eyes, nose, ears, throat, balls, and knees.
  8. Ladies, Google this, YouTube it, get a group of friends and take a self defense class.