1. Catering to my man. Putting someone else's needs above my own
  2. When you're cuddling, but it gets too damn hot, so you separate. But they slide their foot over to touch yours.
  3. When you become in sync and they know your likes and dislikes, so they run interference for you. -"don't put mustard on her burger, she doesn't like it."- etc.
  4. Sex on demand. Give me that D.
  5. Built in companion for bars, road trips, and concerts.
  6. When they've seen you look ugly af, but it doesn't matter because they love you.
  7. You have a babysitter when you want to get blackout drunk, and then they will take you home and violate you in all the right ways😍🔥😜
  8. When you have had an argument, but it's time for bed. The first person to slide their foot over, to touch the other, is issuing a peace treaty. In loving relationships, foot touching is STRONG non-verbal communication... I'm sorry. You awake? You wanna bang? I luv you and I want you near me. We are silently making fun of the same person.
  9. When you gain 25% increase in wardrobe and electronics. Yes, I will wear your hoodies, t-shirts, and watches. I will play your video games and high jack your playlists.
  10. You can eat off their plate, and it's completely acceptable.
  11. Their scent can make you happy, horny, their scent is home.
  12. When they give you new and endearing nicknames.