One time when I was drunk I made all my friends cheese-sticks covered in old ham slices and presented them as "trash snacks." They were a huge hit. Here's a list to celebrate some of my other culinary milestones.
  1. Chipotle during the E. coli outbreak.
    I wasn't afraid.
  2. A salmon's eyeball.
  3. NOT a fried tarantula in Cambodia (huge regret)
    Definitely not a line I wouldn't cross tho
  4. I tried to make a margarita with tequila, 5-month old sorbet, and the non-moldy half of a lime.
    This I would not recommend.
  5. Hundreds of things off the floor.
  6. A bite of red velvet waffle off a customer's plate after they were done.
    Only gross bc it wasn't tasty.
  7. Durian
    Tasted like trash and I loved it!!
  8. Cow tongue
    Tasted like steak and I loved it!!
  9. Taco Bell breakfast at least once a week.